Reaching Your Daily Finish Line

Everyone has a personal finish line. It can be the point right before you fall asleep when you reflect on the day. It can be the second you leave your office, or maybe it's when you finally get to sit down to dinner after hours on your feet. My finish line has changed over the past few years. I used to live in a city with tropical weather, and at the end of my workday I'd come home and walk around the neighborhood doing errands. Occasionally I'd go for a run, but mostly I just wanted to be outside in the fresh air after being cooped up in an office. The city I now live in has fairly unpredictable weather and is far from tropical, so the daily walks I grew to love are no longer guaranteed. I'm not much of a morning person; I end up hitting the snooze button more than the gym in the a.m. And truthfully, until a few months ago I wasn't much of a gym person either. My new finish line is the point in my evening when I've finished my work and working out. Exercising after work has two benefits for me: I can get rid of that restless feeling that builds up after sitting at a desk and start to relax, and it feels great to sweat and shower after a long day. How do you reward yourself at the end of the day? Here are the exercise essentials I need to help me get to my finish line.

1. My Running Shoes
I absolutely love my bright pink running shoes. They're super light and easy to throw into a gym bag. Plus, wearing hot-pink running shoes makes me almost ridiculously happy. It's the little things, right?

2. My Great Gear
I made a promise to myself that if I ran five times a week for two months, I'd reward myself with some new workout gear. The splurge was so worth it; every time I wear my insanely comfy, supportive pants, I think about reaching my goal.

3. vitaminwater
I hydrate on my walk home from the gym with a vitaminwater zero. I love that it has zero calories and still tastes great, and I know I'm adding some helpful vitamins and minerals back into my body. My favorite flavour is Go-Go mixed berry.