Rebecca Minkoff’s Girls: Which Bags Would They Be?


We always like to switch up our handbag game, and as the seasons turn, we’re on the lookout for some springier styles. With pastels and florals taking flight (and soon, we hope…), we’re looking to Rebecca Minkoff and her girls for a fresh take on these trends. As for the resident style setters that were spotted front-row at her Fall 2014 runway show, we’re taking their cues. To get an idea of what they’ll be toting this spring, we went straight to the source: we asked Minkoff to use her imagination a little and tell us which of her bags Zosia Mamet, Anna Sophia Robb and Anna Kendrick would be. She even identified her own handbag ego, for good measure.

Anna Kendrick: Perry Satchel, available at for $495

Anna Sophia Robb: MAB Mini Tote, available at for $195

Zosia Mamet: Elle Mini, available at for $275

Rebecca Minkoff: Harley Bucket Bag, available at for $265