Recycle Your Wardrobe for Discounts from H&M


You heard right! H&M has begun a clothing-recycling program called iCollect as part of its initiative to become more environmentally friendly. Beginning in February, iCollect boxes will near the cash registers as stores nationwide where shoppers can drop off bags of used clothes for discount vouchers for every bag donated regardless of where the clothes were originally purchased. According to Women’s Wear Daily, even pieces that aren’t in the best condition can be passed along to the retailer. “There are a lot of garments that really go to waste,” said Henrik Lampa, H&M Product Sustainability Manager. “We encourage customers to use garments for as long as possible, but we know a lot goes to incineration plants. We want to advance recycling. We want to organically grow this idea.” Go green and practically get green in return? Talk a bout a shopping score!