Red Carpet Bling, According to a Jewel Master


We’ve got our eyes on the gowns this red carpet season, but it’s no secret that a complete red carpet look is nothing without a few diamonds. Just as clothing trends come and go, the rule applies to jewelry: you’ll always have your classics, but it’s fun to mix it up with whatever is in style. To get a professional’s take on the topic, we consulted jeweler Pascal Mouawad, the force behind accessories lines House of Harlow 1960 and Kristin Cavallari for Glamboutique. His advice? Simple is always stylish and you don’t have to break the bank with expensive pieces. But as for the upcoming Oscars, he agrees with our motto: bring on the bling.

How do you ensure that jewelry complements an outfit the best it can? Style is forever changing. For me personally, my style is sophisticated but affordable. I try to translate that into my product and continue to make our lines attainable for everyone. There are so many options when it comes to fashion jewelry, yet my team has the ability to create trends and cutting edge designs.

What should woman’s 5 must-have accessories be? A simple black dress and black blazer, classic fashion jewelry, an oversized gold watch, the perfect pair of jeans and nail polish/lipstick.

What trends can we look forward to seeing this spring/summer? This year you will notice jewelry is trending smaller, reminiscent of fine jewelry. You will see geometric shapes, smaller scale pieces, and ear cuffs! This year it’s all about the details, not the size.

Do you have any advice as to how we can reinvent old or classic pieces that we’ve been wearing for years? Women can’t go wrong with a layered necklace. You can create an entire look around just one piece of jewelry and make it timeless and never “go out of style”.

What types of accessories do you think defines the “red carpet look”? Diamonds are always in style. Simple and elegant always looks stunning on a beautiful woman.

True or false: when accessorizing, less is more. True. The jewelry should play as an accent and not overpower.