Red Carpet Radiance With Brad Goreski


Celebrity stylist Brad Goreski definitely knows the tricks of the trade. Working in high-pressure situations for clients like Jessica Alba, Laura Dern, Rashida Jones, and many more, he knows how to deliver memorable fashion moments. And an overall glow is key to every standout look. Goreski recently teamed up with Suave Professionals® Moroccan Infusion Body Care to share the key to red carpet radiance. We caught up with him to get his own skincare solutions and the ones that work for his clients.

How do you keep your skin radiant?

I haven’t done a facial yet this year, but I do really simple things. I wash my face everyday. I do love to exfoliate and try to do that once or twice a week. I moisturize in the day and in the evening. At night, I like to put on oil after I wash my face to sink in nutrients all through the night. Other than that, I think not wearing makeup really helps. I do wish I wore sunscreen more.

How does body care fit into your clients’ red carpet routines?

I’ve noticed with my clients it’s always the last thing to go on. As a stylist, they’re always like, ‘Oh, I need to do my legs!’ ‘I need to do my arms!’ and I’m like ‘My dress, my dress!’ But the great thing about Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusions Dry Body Oil Spray is that it’s not greasy; it absorbs into your skin. It’s an easy thing for people to do at home, especially considering this time of year when it’s dry and flaky land. And it works for guys too, I will ‘fess up, if I’m going out and I’m feeling cute and I’m in a t-shirt, I will definitely oil myself up a little bit!

How long before people put on their dress do you recommend putting lotion or oil on?

It always happens for me, after my clients have already been dressed. So, I think it’s risky either way. I would say do it after. It depends; if your dress has a slit, I would say put the lotion on your body, wait for a couple of minutes. Do a nail polish check for stickiness and then go for it. Trust me, it’s not fun when they’re ready to go out the door and you’re like is there body oil on your dress? And then my face gets really red and I go into solution mode, not panic mode, ever.

What is the solution to getting oil out of your dress?

You do you’re very best to dry it and if there is anyway it can be covered? A clutch?