Refresh Your Favorite Room


Let's face it. Sometimes – despite how much time, effort, and dedication you put into those interior design Pinterest boards – you can get a little tired of the aesthetic of your home or apartment. Luckily, with a little creativity and a few small changes, it's easy to refresh the look of a room, without splurging on serious furniture upgrades or wallpaper updates. Simple changes like switching the color of your pillow cases or throw blankets on a sofa in the living room, and buying a new lamp shade or duvet cover for your bedroom can shed new light on an existing design. With the sheer volume of options available through Target's Threshold brand, we're contemplating monthly room refreshes as opposed to yearly. Who's on board?

  1. Mini Applique Toss Pillow, $14.99-17.99
  2. Threshold Lampshade, $17.99
  3. Tufted Stool in Coral Floral, $48.00
  4. Succulent in Glass Table Arrangement,$9.99
  5. Metallic Rim Highball glasses, $27.99 for a set of 4
  6. Global Hand Towel in Green/Blue, $7.19
  7. Gully Paisley Quilt, $69.99-79.99
  8. Mirrored Glass Accent Table, $89.99
  9. Moroccan Glam Mirror, $19.99
  10. Ombre Glass Lamp Base in Gully Gold,$49.99