Rent The Runway And L’Oreal Hit the Books


School is back in session, and Rent the Runway is really delving into the collegiate experience. For their latest assignment, the dress-renting website paired up with L’Oreal to offer their college aged customers a head-to-toe look. This fall, Rent the Runway and L’Oreal will get involved on campuses across the country via “ambassadors to market both companies through social media and interactive events.” Bringing Rent the Runway to college campuses allows students to change their looks frequently, as they reside in the same social setting year round. And getting L’Oreal involved means easy access to DIY products that college women can use to complete their Rent The Runway looks. The companies plan to hold events in which students can pick out dresses, hair color and cosmetics for special occasions. “What we are hoping to do with L’Oreal is develop the educational component of how you pair beauty with fashion,” said Jenny Fleiss, co-founder of Rent the Runway. Could there be a more perfect back-to-school lesson?