Riccardo Tisci Secretly Collaborates with Nike


Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisciis already doing big things in 2014 with athletic wear giant, Nike. Tisci revealed exclusively to Style.com that he collaborated with Nike and the line will be in stores this Spring.

“For me, Nike represents a lot: my childhood, America,” Kanye West’s BFF told Style. “In Europe, America is the flag, Mcdonald’s, Malboro and Nike, for a kid it’s very important.” It should be noted that Nike is equally as excited about the partnership. “We were impressed by his vision,” Ian Ginoza, Nike’s Global Footwear Director, said. “I personally wear some of the t-shirts; that’s something Riccardo does well, blurring the lines with street fashion.”

So, how will Tisci blur the lines with Nike? It’s obvious t-shirts (Tisci posted a photo to his Instagram wearing one with mention of the Style.com write up) will be involved and we’re going assume that sneakers will be a major player of the collaboration as well considering Givenchy’s creative director has worn the same style of Nikes for 16 years. “When I got the call, it sounded so strong, so perfect for my DNA. It’s a big honor for me, especially because they’re always wiring with sports people (also industrial designer Mark Newsom, artist Tom Sachs and most notably, West). I couldn’t bring them technology, instead I brought my style, what people like me for and what the young generation follows me for,” Tisi said.

And though he’s keeping mum on the exact deets of the collection, we do know that everything will have the logo NIKE R.T., and as the designer says, “it’s strong without being loud.”

We can’t wait to see what that entails!