Rick Owens Takes It to the Track with Adidas


Rick Owens is sprinting forward with his running routine with help from Adidas, and we’re all going to benefit!

The designer channeled his lack of motivation to get his blood pumping by collaborating with the athleticwear company on a collection of running shoes for men and women based on a single design in a range of various materials, including leather, suede, nylon, and canvas.

“I work out like a fiend but I hate, hate, hate cardio. I realized I’m in my fifties now and I need to do something for my heart and lungs. So, I’ve got to start running,” Owens revealed to Women’s Wear Daily. “I thought to myself, ‘What shoes am I going to wear running?’ I can’t wear my big chunky basketball shoes — I’d look like a dinosaur running through the Tuileries.”

As with anything associated with Owens, the six styles for men and four styles for women will be mostly monochromatic. The colors were limited to black, white, pearl, and bone with an electric shock of yellow for some of the women’s pairs. The only branding on the shoes is a perforated version of Adidas’ three-line logo.

The shoes aren't the only collaboration Owens has participated in as he's previously produced apaprel, sneakers, and jewelry for Chrome Hearts as well as a line of bags and backpacks under his Drkshdw brand for Eastpak. But he noted he tends to be cautious about what side projects he works on. “I’m not great at collaboration — I get too anal, too detail-oriented and impatient. It’s very innocent on my part — I’m not trying to provoke anyone but it ends up being a mess,” Owens explained. “But Adidas is a classic brand and it reminds me of Eighties hip-hop. They just have an authentic, old-school realness that appeals to me.”

It will be a while before we get further details on the shoes themselves, as the designs won’t be unveiled until Owen’s men’s spring show on June 27. The shoes, which will retail between $400-$500, won’t hit stores until December – just in time for the holidays. We’re marking them down on our wish list now!