Rihanna Covers ‘Complex’ Seven Times In Honor Of Her Seventh Album ‘Unapologetic’


Does the girl ever stop? There's no rest for the wicked, or for third-highest-earning celebrity under 30. Rihanna covered seven sultry Complex Magazine covers photographed by Zoe McConnell in celebration of her seventh studio album, Unapologetic. Bad gal RiRi chats about how to take a flattering self portrait (“Get a good angle on what’s working for you that day”), weathering negativity, Chris Brown (whose idea was the collaboration?), what really went on with that 777 Tour, and more. Read the rest of the article and see even more fabulous shots of Rihanna over at Complex.

On Instagram self-portraits (of which she has over 200):
“It’s narcissistic, but whatever—everyone does it,” she says. “I’m capturing personality… Everybody has their thing they like or don’t like to see. It’s all in your head. That’s why people take their own pictures, because it’s difficult for someone else to capture what you seek.”

On Unapologetic:
“I held back before. I didn’t show a lot of myself. I was very guarded,” she says. “I needed to be open and free and fearless. Basically say, ‘Fuck it.’ What’s the worst that can happen? They’ll hate me? They’ve done that before.”

On “Diamonds,” being one of Rihanna's favorite songs since “Umbrella” because of the way it makes her feel:
“It was so inspiring and uplifting,” she says. “It was giving me hope, that song. I was tired of angry love songs. Love doesn’t always have to be about breakups, and ‘We’re never going to be together again.’ It could be sweet. It could be, ‘Hell yeah! We’re diamonds!’”

Photographed by Zoe McConnell. Complex Magazine February/March 3013.