Rihanna Crafts Cara Delevingne’s New Year’s Eve Coif


We all get by with a little help from our friends, and Rihanna lent a hand to Cara Delevingne before the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve.

Before the besties made their way to the 40/40 Club for the evening's festivities, the “Pour It Up” songstress sat Delevigne down on the toilet in her bathroom to help the model primp before the party. Though pal Ursula Stephen wasn’t on-hand, Riri took matters into her own hands by pulling the model’s hair back into a slick ponytail. And judging by all of their Instagram shots, the look, as well as Riri’s Gatsby-inspired waves, lasted throughout the night.

It’s a case of “stars…they’re just like us,” as we’ve all been either the one sitting on the toilet or the one holding the hairbrush at one time or another (most likely in college). With Rihanna's headline-making hair chops, we know Delevingne was in good hands.