Rihanna Finds Earthly Delights in Her Diamonds Video


Following her show stopping performance at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Rihanna released the music video for her latest hit, “Diamonds,” and it's certainly a jumping off point to start some serious discussions.

Touching on the four elements, wind, water, fire, and earth, the video very literally brings in her appreciation for nature and one of its most organic gems – diamonds. As the video continues, it's easy to draw out Rihanna's focuses – broken relationships, new beginnings, thanks mostly in part to its simple nature. Gone are the backup dancers, over-the-top production, and effects. It's a definite departure from the sexy rendition she performed for the Angels, taking on the end of the world theme that seems to have permeated many music videos this year. With flowers falling backwards, an odd green light in the sky, and her sullen behavior, “Diamonds” effortlessly ushers Rihanna into a more reflective singer, ditching the bad girl attitude we've become accustomed to, for a moment at least.