Rihanna’s Skin is Smooth as Silk

Nivea sure booked the right girl to be the face of their new 100 Years Skincare for Life campaign, as the provocative Skin singer was certainly keen to show her's off in the April 2011 issue of American Vogue. From head to toe—isn't her dermis just flawless?

Below, our recommended regimen for getting smooth, sexy skin just like Rihanna'sin less than 30 days.

TWICE A MONTH: Linger in a steamy bath in lieu of a speedy shower. Follow Cleopatra's age-old lead and soak in this Skin Nourishing Milk Bath by Elemis ($66 at Nordstrom.com).

TWICE A WEEK: Buff, baby buff. Gently slough off dead skin with a hydrating exfoliator, like Philosophy's When Hope Is Not Enough Body Scrub ($30 at Philosophy.com).

TWICE A DAY: The key to super soft skin is relying on a sublime lotion. Massage Nivea Body Pure Moisture Daily Lotion into your skin while it's still damp for maximum moisturization ($6 at WalMart.com).