RIP, Beauty Vlogger Talia Joy Castellano


There are many beauty bloggers and YouTube vloggers out there, but there was only one Talia Joy Castellano. Once you saw her, you could never forget her adorable, elfin features, big, stunning doe eyes, and her hair close cropped from years of chemotherapy. Castellano made millions love her via her YouTube channel, where she shared her beauty tutorials and makeup tips. She inspired millions by sharing the reality of her illness – the aggressive neuroblastoma, and then leukemia. Instead of wearing wigs to deal with her baldness, Castellano let her natural beauty shine through, declaring “makeup is my wig.” She shared her truth with the world, and in return she was loved by many.

The world discovered Joy via the Ellen Show, where the 13 year old makeup artist shared that Ellen’s character of Dory the fish from Finding Nemo inspired her to “just keep swimming.”

She dreamed big. Castellano shared her life with her fans and inspired so many to see beauty in the world. Through her appearance on Ellen, Castellano became an honorary CoverGirl, and the amazing experiences didn’t stop there. Via her Facebook, her followers got to see that Castellano had a bucket list and she was able to not only fulfill many of her dreams, but also share them with her fans. Tragically, today fans learned of her passing via her Facebook fan page, Angels For Talia.

RIP Talia Castellano.

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