Robert Verdi’s Chic and Cheap Tips for Fab Fall Entertaining

Every fashionista knows that fall is the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe and show off your sense of style. Become the hostess with the mostest this season by translating the hottest fall fashion trends into your next fête with a few simple pointers from celebrity stylist and entertaining expert, Robert Verdi and stylish Italian wine brand, Ecco Domani.

According to Verdi, the fall wardrobe is all about using rich, vibrant colors; incorporating luxurious fabrics and textures and taking inspiration from autumn’s natural elements. With these easy and affordable tips, you’re sure to create a season full of chic and memorable entertaining moments.

A Perfect Pear: When putting together the perfect outfit, the simplest little accessory can often have the biggest impact! The same goes for the dinner table. Add a touch of elegance to a basic place setting by using a red pear with a slit cut into it for a place card holder. A few more inexpensive accents, such as twine wrapped around cloth napkins and tall ivory candles placed along the center of the table, will create the perfect backdrop for your fall feast.

Harvest Settings: Even though the season is changing, you can still enjoy a crisp, chilled glass of your favorite white wine, like Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio. Take inspiration from the fall harvest by using a large, round pumpkin or gourd as a great alternative to a traditional wine bucket. Slice off the top, scoop it out and fill with ice. Not only is it a beautiful centerpiece for your fall table, but it serves as a unique way to keep wine within easy reach for guests.

Rich Hues: This season’s fashions are all about rich, bold colors such as gold, burgundy, purple, and brown. Reflect these tones in your centerpiece by using colorful potted mums–a go-to autumn blossom. To complete the tablescape, place a few bottles of Ecco Domani’s Pinot Noir between each arrangement. Its vibrant purple label fits in perfectly with the fall color scheme while the wine’s fruit-forward flavors are sure to complement any seasonal cuisine.

Camel is the New Black: From formal dresses to cashmere coats, camel was one of the most prominent colors on the Fall 2010 runways. This sophisticated shade provides a versatile base on which you can build a variety of colorful looks. For example, try using camel-colored tablecloths and pair them with jewel-toned plates and glassware. You can even incorporate items you already have (think your grandmother’s colorful antique dishes!) to create a dynamic and distinctive table.

Vine and Dine: Instead of a full dinner, treat guests to a stylish wine tasting. Select a variety of wines from one specific region, such as Ecco Domani’s contemporary Italian varietals from Northern Italy. Then carry the theme into your decor by running grapevines down the center of your table (you can find some great options at your local craft store). Tuck in a few candles in the rich colors of the season for an inexpensive, nature-inspired and colorful centerpiece. Your guests will feel as if they’ve been transported to a modern-day Italian vineyard.

Luxe Looks: Velvet fashions were a show-stopper on this season’s runways. This rich, luxurious fabric can also add a touch of elegance to your home and elevate the look of your next fall fête. Add a chic, romantic vibe to your dinner table by using black velvet chair covers. Or, use inexpensive velvet ribbon tied around cloth napkins or pillar candles. Pair this with deep red roses or dark purple calla lilies in a simple glass vase to complete the look.

Beyond the Table: Accessorize your living room with elements from nature to give your space a true autumnal feel. Fill glass apothecary jars with acorns and gourds and then surround the jars with candles in muted tones. For an added touch, use a few colorful leaves right from your own front yard as a bed for the jars and candles.

Cozy Knits: Knitwear is the best way to transition your summer wardrobe into fall. As the weather starts to turn, so should your entertaining style! Try using a gorgeous woolen scarf as a table runner and complement it with knit pillows and throws in your living room to create a cozy atmosphere. Deep shades of plum, burgundy and navy are a chic way to make your fall look bold, warm, and soft. You can even invite guests to wear their coziest sweaters to the soirée on cooler fall nights.

A Green Scene: The fashion world is all about using sustainable and renewable resources right now. Translate this to your home by using earth-friendly cork in your entertaining décor. Purchase a few cork tiles from your local hardware store and use them to create coasters for your coffee table or to line serving trays. Continue the trend after dinner—when done with your wine, don’t throw away the corks, instead collect them in a clear glass vase for a unique table accent.

Be the Life of the Party: Instead of spending all night behind the bar at your next bash, pre-pour your beverages for the night so you can interact with your guests in style. Glasses of wine, such as Ecco Domani’s delicious Chianti and Merlot, not only make a wonderful beverage but are easy to prepare.