Roberto Cavalli’s Autobiography Is on Everything But Fashion


“With this book, people will discover a Roberto Cavalli that you don’t expect, because the recital is over, so I take the stage and introduce the real me,” the designer said of his upcoming autobiography, Just Me!

With an introduction like that, we’re not sure who Roberto Cavalli is other than the designer who put pure extravagance and sex appeal into our wardrobes starting in the ‘70s. But we’re sure to find out, as the tome will touch on the significant moments of his life, including the tragic loss of his father when he was just three years old. “This is not a book about fashion, it is about a boy from a modest family who achieved success thanks to his strong willpower,” Cavalli told Women's Wear Daily. “I wrote this book very slowly. I wrote it for me and also to leave something to my children, to inspire them.”

During his talk with the trade, he vented his frustrations with the changing fashion world with a focus on the ad and not the end product. “The fashion industry has changed a lot, and now it’s more important to do a beautiful advertising campaign than a pretty collection,” he said. “I feel a lot of resentment. I made the most of it, I found success, but I would like the fashion industry to go back to the past. I liked to make dresses, make women look beautiful and sexy. Today, I don’t have that amazing feeling anymore, because the fashion industry changed a lot. Journalists consider excellent people who are just copying what others have done before.”

The shift in focus in the industry could be behind why he’s dedicating his book to the younger generation along with his mother, his sister Lietta, and his two wives, Silvanella and Eva. Though he doesn’t sketch, he noted that he parlayed his skills to create a lifestyle empire and a slew of celebs who love his work. “Actually I really want to dedicate this book to young people,” he said. “I thought that young people need to understand how important it is to rely on themselves and their qualities.”

Needless to say, this will be one book on everyone’s must-read list!