Robin Givhan is Ready to ‘Sally Forth’ with The Cut!


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Fashion writer and critic Robin Givhan has a new gig! The Pulitzer Prize-winning author will cover New York and Paris Fashion Week for New York magazine's The Cut. She will join regular contributor Lynn Yaeger.

The latest addition to Givhan's resume is a surprising one. She was laid off from Newsweek in December 2012. Prior to that role, she left the Washington Post after 15 years before joining Newsweek and the Daily Beast. Givhan is excited about her new byline (though she did write a piece fashion and race for the glossy in 2011) and thinks reviewing the Paris and New York collections will give her a jolt of energy. Fashion has the same effect on us, for the record.

“I've spent the last six months or so holed up working on my Versailles book and contributing to the Washington Post,” Givhan told Fashionista. “It'll be nice to jump back into the thick of fashion come September and do it for The Cut. Working from home on my own project is great but there comes comes a time when a girl has to put her heels on and sally forth!”

Sally forth, indeed, Robin. Congrats!