Rock a Maleficent Mani this Fall


It's good to be bad from tip to toe, especially for Kiss Nails.

Along with a special collection from Dancing with Stars' Cheryl Burkeon the way, the instant manicure brand has crafted a collection of kits featuring some of Disney's vicious villains. Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, Ursula, and the Evil Queen's signature hues will come in the form of hi-def glitter, striping tape, and more, and can be layered over the brand's Impress nails or your own manicure. Disney's venomous franchise has been a popular beauty pull with a previous MAC capsule and special designer collection that gave the dramatic damsels a high fashion makeover. The $9.99 kits are slated to hit Walgreens exclusively in September, just in time for Halloween prep.

Speaking of which, the Villains collection will just scratch the surface of what Kiss has in store for the haunting holiday. Seasonal Impress nails, nail dress, lashes with paper cut-out patterns, lip tattoos (new ground for the brand), and even eye jewelry will all help to customize costumes to perfection—all for $2.99-$6.99. “We are trying to bring something to the market that people haven’t seen and drive interest in the season,” Grace Tallon, senior vice president of marketing at Kiss, told Women's Wear Daily.

It's still summer, you can never begin planning a Halloween costume too soon!