Rooney Mara’s Not a Fan of Fragrance


It seems like an ironic statement coming from the face of Calvin Klein’s Downtown perfume, but Rooney Mara admits she normally shies away from the smelly stuff.

She told People that the newest Klein scent was the rare exception, as it met her criteria of being “confident and feminine, but also not too girly. It’s quite sophisticated. It’s a subtle smell … It’s a great combination of everything you would want.”

It’s not the only facet of beauty that she has trouble navigating, but thankfully her sister, the now blonde Kate, always offers tips. “I am horrible at putting on makeup,” Mara told the glossy. “[Kate] has tried to help me in that department because she is really good at it. But I am still pretty hopeless.”

She even said the same her style, preferring to keep things simple and comfy. “My everyday style is quite lazy,” she explained. “I don’t put a lot of effort into it, which is why most of my clothes are black, white, and gray. I don’t have to put that much thought or effort into what I wear.”

Every monochromatic sartorial selection usually lands the star on every best dressed list, so her track record speaks for itself. As for beauty, she always gives classic looks an edgy twist, most recently with her sharp, neutral smoky eye she sported at the New York City Film Festival's Closing Gala. So, not to worry, Rooney, we’re not complaining!