Rosie Pope Spreads the Word About the Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test

Last week, we joined Rosie Pope and a bevy of jolly baby bumps at theBravo star's Manhattan maternity shop to talk about, well, peeing on sticks.

The designer and MomPrep founder told the crowd of women that she confirmed her latest pregnancy at her oldest son's third birthday party. She just couldn't wait until she got home. She needed to know that very moment. And that's why she chose Clearblue's newest product, the Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test.

Featuring a wider tip and a longer, ergonomically-shaped stick for better grip, this new product makes testing easier and more accurate. The color-change tip turns pink to show absorption; and an easy + or – sign appears within three minutes. Like most early tests on the market today, the Clearblue PLUS pregnancy Test allows hopeful moms to test five days before a missed period.

And it might just come in handy for many women this season; as the holidays are the most popular time for baby-making. More conceptions happen this time of year than any other — proving our suspicion that acting a little naughty can, in fact, lead to something very nice.