Routine Re-Boost: 4 Must-Dos to Add to Your Morning


Mornings can be rough, but turning them into a productive part of your day is key to successfully making it through the week. Get into an a.m. routine that will leave you feeling fresh, awake, and ready to rock with these four healthy habits.

When you wake up, sit up tall in bed and begin breathing deeply. Your mind needs oxygen to function at its best. The key is to sit up strong and straight, or leaning back on your pillows or hunched over in your sheets—the diaphragm needs to expand and contract fully in order to send the maximum amount of air to your brain.

Do something to get your blood flowing, whether it’s taking a brisk walk in the fresh air or simply setting aside 15 minutes to stretch in your living room. Getting your limbs limber and moving will also get your brain up and working.

Kick-starting your day with a tall glass of cold water and a protein-packed breakfast will keep you energized for hours. Water refreshes and awakens the mind, and something nutritious jump-starts your metabolism and feeds fuel to your body.

Maximize your morning with a beauty routine. This doesn’t have to mean spending hours on hair and makeup. Rather, some time in the bathroom to brush and floss your teeth, wash and moisturize your face, and style your coif will leave you feeling ready to take on the day.