Royal Routines: 3 Tips to Channel Your Inner Queendom


We can’t all be born into nobility or find a real Prince Charming to live happily ever after with (we’re looking at you, Kate Middleton), but that doesn’t mean we aren’t fit to be queen. Feel like royalty with or without the tiara by taking the time to adorn your daily routine with hints of majesty.

1. Don't leave the house without smelling magnificent. We’ve come to terms with the fact that there is no palace staff running our daily rose-petal bath, but luckily we have Minajesty. The latest fragrance by Nicki Minaj features a sultry floral scent with luscious fruits and fresh florals, draped in creamy vanilla.

2. Rule your queendom by accessorizing with bold bling when you’re in need of a royal boost. They may not be the crown jewels, but your gems and baubles will add the look of luxury to any stylish ensemble.

3. Every now and again, don’t be afraid to pamper yourself with a day fit for a queen. Maybe that means relaxing at the spa, getting your hair and makeup done, or just taking the time for a soothing pedicure.