Ruffian Fall 2014


Designers: Ruffian boys Brian Wolk and Claude Morais

Inspiration: Ruffian's collection, titled “Rapture,” was inspired by portraits from the 15th century painter Petrus Christus. It aimed to bring the opulence and lavishness of medieval religion and luxury to today. The venue at Lincoln Center was even reminiscent of a medieval church with low lighting and wooden pew seating.

Trends: If the choir boys of the Elizabethan era went NYC high fashion, this would be their line, complete with lamp shade Stenson hats and pretty pumps. The collection was all about luxury, volume, and royalty with heavy satin, chiffon, and jacquard textiles and gorgeous ornamentation. A sophisticated combination of the obvious, like structured ruff collars and medieval looking billowed sleeves with buttoned cuffs, with the modern, like chic separates and flared dresses, gave this line an avante garde, yet wearable, type of look.

Palette: crimson, metallics, black and white, royal yellow.

Playlist: Church bells and Gregorian chanting combined with a disco remix of Rapture by Blondie.

Who Should Wear It: Chic and vampy girls like Rooney Mara, Nicole Richie, and Rose McGowan