Ryan Lochte Does the Style Laps at Emporio Armani Live

Ryan Lochte has been everywhere this fashion week. So when we ran into him Friday evening at the Emporio Armani Live event, we decided to check in and find out what he's absorbed from his style sightings.

What have you learned about the fashion industry this week? Picked up any new tricks of the trade?
I wouldn't say I've been learning, I've just been kind of taking it all in and getting some new ideas for my future clothing line.

Like what?
Well I can't tell. You got to wait and see. I can't spill all the secrets.

Can you spill any? When will you reveal that line?
I've been working with a design team and hopefully well have my clothing line up and running within the next year.

How does the competitive fashion crowd compare to your fellow Olympians?
You know it's completely different. I'm used to seeing half naked people all the time. So it's pretty neat being in a different atmosphere and seeing all these well dressed people with different styles.

We're overly clothed here.
Definitely overly clothed…