Sabrina Soto’s Top Tips for a Thrilling Thanksgiving


Hosting Thanksgiving can seem like a daunting task, but HGTV’s haute hostessSabrina Soto has a few insider tips on making the most of your seasonal spread.

Don’t Stuff Tom The Turkey – Well, not completely anyway if you need to save time. Soto suggests keep the stuffing separate for faster cook time. If time is really of the essence, you can serve the breast first to speed things up further. “The cooking time is faster for white meat and I find you have much less turkey wasted at the end of the day but still enough for leftovers,” she explained.

Stir Up Mulled Wine Slowly – Skip the stovetop this year and mix up your mulled wine in a slow cooker especially if you plan to serve a slew of sides. “Not only will you get rich flavors, but your stovetop stays wide-open for meal prep!” Soto noted. She likes to blend Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi wine with two teaspoons of ground ginger to kick her mother’s special recipe up a notch.

Get Familiar with Family Recipes – Mixing in a few family favorites alongside new ones you’ve discovered and collected will make the most of your holiday menu. You can even add different ingredients from your childhood to put a spin on a classic dish. “This year, I’m making my Heritage Stuffing – for me, adding a special ingredient like green plantains to a holiday classic is the perfect way to honor my Cuban heritage and make sure a piece of my family’s history makes it to the dinner table,” Soto shared.

Fashion Fresh and Festive Centerpieces – Gourds aren’t reserved just for pies and soups; they can also spice up the Thanksgiving tablescape. Instead of dotting the table with fall veggies, cut off the top third of the gourd with a sharp knife before scooping out the seeds and flesh. With a quick rinse and a water re-fill, you can add fresh flowers for a unique vase.