Salute the Season Premiere of American Horror Story with Basil Hayden

We’re already grabbing our security blanket as we gear up for tonight’s premiere of American Horror Story: Asylum. Before you get the pants scared off of you, have a cup of liquid courage in the form of a spine-chilling sipper created by Rob Floyd. Don’t forget to leave the lights on!

Basil Hayden’s Living Shadow

2 parts Basil hayden’s Bourbon
¾ parts Simple Syrup
¾ parts Lemon Juice
5 grapes
Red Wine

Muddle the grapes in a mixing glass. Add the remaining ingredients, save for red wine, with ice and shake. Strain the mixture into a martini glass. Gently pour a few drops of red wine over the back end of a bar spoon wile touching the inside rim of the martini glass to make the red wine float.