Santé in the City

Sitting high on top of the Fairmont in San Francisco, the jaw-dropping 6,000-square-foot penthouse, which has hosted presidents and celebrities alike, has been home to many notable events, including the recent “Santé in the City” dinner. This exquisite affair to remember showcased the food and wine of Santé, the renowned eatery located at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa.

Presented by executive chef Bruno Tison and chef Andrew Cain, a wonderful sampling of the restaurant’s seasonal and sustainable fare was beautifully served in a seven-course presentation, thoughtfully paired with regional Sonoma wines.

After a meal with so many courses it can be challenging to recall which dish you enjoyed the most. Perhaps because it was the first course served, the garden cauliflower custard with California Osetra caviar, artfully presented in a brown eggshell, stands out as one of the most impressive. An Amazing combination of flavors and textures, it was a divine introduction to one of the most fabulous meals ever served in the Fairmont penthouse.

The freshness of the ingredients in every course was evident with each bite. From the asparagus salad to the tender “Kobe-style” beef, nothing was amiss. The Santé staff did an outstanding job, skillfully and creatively plating each course and delivering an excellent meal from start to finish. If the opportunity arises, Santé in Sonoma is a must.