Sarah Jessica Parker Returns To TV


Stop binge-watching Sex and the City episodes for your #throwbackthursday dose of Sarah Jessica Parker. She is back!

The beloved actress–famous for her role as the ultimate Glam girl, Carrie Bradshaw–is returning to TV in a new series called Busted. And while Busted does not involve SJP pondering love and shoes, it comes from the same producers who brought you True Detective. Excited? We knew you’d be.

Busted will be a limited-run series based on the non-fiction book Busted, A Tale of Corruption and Betrayal in the City of Brotherly Love. It chronicles the efforts of two reporters who uncovered a police corruption scandal over the course of a 10-month investigation. Parker is set to play one of the two leads.

While Carrie Bradshaw will forever remain in our hearts, this new character sounds like one we'll undoubtedly grow to love.