Satisfy Your Crafting Craving with M&J Trimming’s Project DIY


If you have yet to walk into M&J Trimming, be warned: you’ve never experienced what it is to be overwhelmed in the best way until you’ve seen this place. From walls lined with buttons to rolls of ribbon stashed on shelves, M&J Trimming is a crafter’s dream. But even if you’re a DIY-dud (ahem, like myself), M&J Trimming has faith in you. The crafty crew at M&J has launched a new program called Project DIY, a runway and street-style inspired DIY accessories monthly subscription box. Think of it as a Birchbox or Glossybox for your jewelry drawer: a sample of the latest jewelry trends, curated with the necessary trimmings and tools you’ll need to assemble it yourself. The construction of your jewels is made easy with the beautiful app, which is complete with guiding photos. We had the privilege to give Project DIY a try by making our own personalized Joan-of-Arc-themed November box. Before we got started, Project DIY’s lead accessories designer Michelle Levy imparted us with some expert advice on how to personalize our DIY jewels.

DIY Tip #1 Plan It Out: Play around with different arrangements before gluing the components to the pendant. There are endless possibilities to explore: choose to incorporate all the elements from the box, or you can keep it simple with minimal accents.

DIY Tip #2 Think Outside the Box: Of course, you can use M&J’s design as your template, but there are so many designs you can create. Experiment with different layouts for your project, and don’t hold back!

DIY Tip #3 – Paint Your Stone with Nail Polish: Add one or more coats of polish on the backside of the stone (1 coat for a translucent finish and more for an opaque look). Be sure to let the polish dry fully before gluing the stone onto the bezel. If you’re not happy with the color, you can remove it with nail polish remover before gluing it on.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY-er or new to the scene, Project DIY will help satisfy your craving for craft (as well as bolster your accessories drawer). With just enough guidance and plenty of room for creativity, this monthly delivery will yield personalized pieces that’ll make you feel like a DIY queen.