Say Goodbye to Dull Color

Whether you're newly blonde or brunette, there are a few things you should know about maintaining the shine and brilliance of your color.

Number one? Tone, depth, and vibrancy are three facets of gorgeous color. Your cleansing regimen is a key part of keeping your hair rich in shine and tone—you need a shampoo that will work to remove buildup and add depth to your locks.

Number two? The key to maintaining a brilliant mane is relying on hair-care products particularly formulated for colored tresses. “The coloring process can change hair, making traditional conditioning ingredients less effective on color-treated hair,” says Dr. Jeni Thomas, principal scientist for Pantene.

And number three? Keep your color looking rich and fabulous with the Pantene Pro-V Color Expressions Collection. “The coloring process can make hair’s surface appear cloudy and dull,” adds Thomas. “The Pantene Pro-V Color Expressions Systems were designed with technologies to improve the way light interacts with color-treated hair for multidimensional shine and more vibrant color.”