Scared of Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Hearing the term “semi-permanent makeup” immediately brings to mind severely tattooed eyebrows turning green with age.

Fortunately, the idea is getting a revamp by renaming it micro-pigmentation, and new tools and procedures are eliminating many of the gripes that came with the original concept. Technicians and makeup artists are specially trained and certified by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. In terms of tools, a thin needle is used instead of a regular tattoo needle. In lieu of drawing the shape of the eyebrow and filling in, the procedure creates individual hair strokes in the sparse areas for a more natural look. It heals similarly to a tattoo but may fade depending on which type of machine used to place the color. The results will allow to you wake up looking gorgeous without the worry of everything wiping away.

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xx, Valis Vicenty
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