Scarlett Johansson Puts a Bib on It For French Vanity Fair


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Scarlett Johansson's latest editorial spread is gorgeous, tres chic, and stylish enough for the main topic of a top magazine, but it may also be channeling some 19th century fashion–King Louis XVI's to be exact.

The 28 year-old graces the cover of Vanity Fair France in an ultra modern, fitted white wrap dress for the publication's inaugural issue, which hits stands June 26th. But it's what's inside the magazine that has us puzzled.

Featured along with a profile of Miss Johansson, written by renowned contributing editor Ingrid Sischy, is a shot of the actress wearing a pink blouse with an interesting billowing bib. In fact, the detail slightly resembles an untucked cravat, a popular trend for men during the 19th century. Multiple paintings of French monarch King Louis XVI show him donning the style. Were the stylists at Vanity Fair FR inspired by their not so popular former ruler's royal duds, or is this a sign that the strange century old trend may be making a comeback?

Nonetheless, it does seem that Johansson has been getting in touch with her French side lately, splitting her time between the United States and Paris. Michel Denisot, editorial director of Vanity Fair France, even noted during a recent news conference that the July cover girl, “has every quality imaginable — the elegance, beauty, wit and impertinence that would make her a perfectly decent Parisian if she decides to move permanently into the apartment she has bought in Paris not far from here.”

Questionable top aside, we'd have to agree! What do you think of Johansson's bibbed blouse for her French shoot?