Scarlett Johansson Spills Her Skincare Secrets

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Scarlett Johansson is enviable for many reasons; with her flawless figure and sense of style, Dolce & Gabbana didn’t hire her as the face of their beauty brand for nothing! But now she’s sharing some of her secrets.

Johansson admitted to having a skincare obsession in the February issue of Elle UK, leading her to wash her face with apple cider vinegar. “A while back, I started researching natural skincare,” she told the glossy. “ It’s a nice way to treat your skin if you don’t want to use all those harsh chemicals that a dermatologist would recommend.”

It actually makes sense as apple cider vinegar works wonder on clearing scalp and product buildup in your hair, soothe sunburns, and help with other skin ailments. It can also balance the pH levels in your skin and give you a glow like a toner, but mixing with a little water can help tone down the smell.

She noted that blemish-prone beauties should give it a try as it’s really healing. “It’s a little bit stinky but if you’re not sleeping over at your boyfriend’s, it’s really effective.”

Thanks for the tip, Scarlett!