Scent and Sunscreen: Maria Sharapova Spills Her Off-Court Beauty and Style Secrets


Maria Sharapova has become a stunner on and off the court, most recently as the new face of Avon’s new Luck fragrance. The scent is an extravagant affair filled with fresh fruit, white florals, and the spice of sandalwood that’s meant to evoke hope and happiness. It seems like a perfect fit for the grand slam champion who also added a bit of the beauty counter to her personal brand this year. Glam got to chat with the all-star in between tennis tournaments to touch on her travel-friendly fitness and beauty regime, her surprising style icons, and when she last felt lucky herself:

On the last time she felt lucky:

I always feel like I’m rewarded with luck when I work extremely hard towards my goals. So I usually feel lucky when I win a championship point of a match. Sometimes it’s moments in my everyday life, especially when you’re close to the people that your love. You say, “Oh, I’m so lucky I get to experience those moments.”

On her healthy beauty routine

I think you need to find a good base of beauty to start a makeup regime, and for me that’s always about hydrating yourself and getting the right amount of sleep, which ultimately leads to beautiful, glowing skin. It all the same stuff that we’re well-aware of, but sometimes don’t give enough attention to. So when I wake up in the morning, I have a huge bottle of water next to my bed, and it’s just a constant reminder, “Ok, we’re going to start out the day on a clean note and freshen the body.” I always apply sun protection no matter if it’s sunny or cloudy outside. I use Supergoop products, and I’ve used them for many years. I love their serum; I use it as my makeup base in the morning.

I also love good deep tissue massages, especially when I come home from a long trip. I always try to catch up with my friends, and we sometimes go for a drive to the spa that’s maybe an hour and a half away so we can spend time and talk and treat ourselves to a massage.

On getting out to amplify her workout:

I try to exercise outdoors as much as I can. I live in a warm climate, and I have the opportunity to do that. It’s really getting yourself in the mindset of forgetting that you’re working out or maybe taking a class that you wouldn’t normally take, just putting your body in different atmosphere. It sometimes gets you more motivated than if you have a set schedule to do weekly or daily.

On her style staples and icons:

I think investment cashmere pieces take you such a long way–not just this winter but the next one. So I always love those in neutral colors and different knits. I travel so much, so my lifestyle’s built around my suitcase. Scarves are an essential. My wardrobe is really about layering and putting things together. I have a more masculine direction in the clothes I wear, so I like loose-fitting pieces that I can layer whether I’m mixing high and low–such as Rick Owens or Zara. Leather pants that have a bit more volume in them; I not crazy about tight leather leggings, but things that have a little room to move around with and carry with you throughout the whole day.

[In terms of style icons], I’ve always admired Audrey Hepburn; I love her elegant pearls and black dress look [from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.] I also love people who carry themselves with carry themselves with the right amount of confidence and style, like Gwen Stefani. I don’t think I could ever pull off that style, but [I love] how she goes about so confident in her skin and what she’s wearing that she pulls it off brilliantly.

Images courtesy of Avon and Maria Sharapova's Instagram.