Schutz for Walking: Alessandra Ambrosio on Strutting Your Stuff… and Going Nude!


She says her first pair of designer shoes were (probably!) Prada. Now Alessandra Ambrosio has a closet full of extravagant Schutz.

The stunner, whose repertoire includes high fashion and high street, is back to brunette after going blonde for the label’s Fall 2014 campaign. Thursday night, she hosted a launch party at Schutz’s Madison Avenue flagship, celebrating the ad and offering supermodel tips on putting your best foot forward at New York Fashion Week.

Glam: Both you and the Schutz brand have Brazilian roots. How was working with them?

Ambrosio: I’ve known the brand since they started in Brazil and I love them. I used to go to Brazil and pack a whole bag of Schutz and bring them back to the states… The quality’s amazing, the style is super cool, and they’re very comfortable.

Glam: Now that Schutz has stores in the states, what’s something else you think American woman can take from Brazilian style?

Ambrosio: To take things not so seriously. Sometimes, it’s good not to overthink and to just do it. Just do it! Get a pair, be playful.

Glam: We all know New York isn’t the easiest city to navigate, especially in high heels! Any advice?

Ambrosio: I personally hate to be in high heels during the day, running errands—it’s just wrong. I spend so much time in high heels, in the studio working, that when I’m off-duty, I’m all about flats, comfortable sandals, espadrilles, sneakers.

Glam: What’s your favorite pair?

Ambrosio: I have beautiful sandals from Schutz from the summer collection, and they’re tan color. It’s just very beautiful. They match my skin color, so it looks very nude, almost like you’re not wearing anything.

Glam: We know you’re hardly in flats on the runway. Have you ever had any mishaps?

Ambrosio: I’ve had shoes that broke their heels. I had to just fake it on my tip-toes while walking!