Seasonal Switch-Up: Perfect Pieces for Your Space


While we may dream of giving our space an annual top-to-bottom revamp (complete with a paint job and new floor coverings), unfortunately, our budget doesn’t give us enough leeway. Thankfully, you can give your home a brand-new look—no contractors necessary—with a color-scheme swap for pillows, sheets, and rugs. Just a few creative touches will lend your dwelling character. Regardless of your style, Target can help make your space look stunning without a major splurge.

1. Threshold Traditional Fretwork Wool Area Rug, $143.99 to $349.99
2. Too by Blu Dot Bed Bugs Decorative Pillow, $24.99
3. Threshold Flocked Floral Lamp Shade, $14.99 to $24.99
4. Threshold Woven Throw Blanket, $29.99
5. Nate Berkus Parker Comforter Set, $89.99 to $99.99
6. Threshold 16-Piece Elemental Poppy Dinnerware Set, $69.99
7. Threshold Decorative Wooden Basket With Faux-Leather Handles, $24.99
8. Threshold Squirrel Figural, $14.99
9. Threshold Artisan Glass Squat Jug Lamp Base, $31.99
10. Nate Berkus Signature Hand Towel, $7.99