See Miss Dior Through The Eyes of Artists at Paris’ Grand Palais


At 65 years old, Miss Dior doesn’t possess a classic scent – it also holds significant meaning in the scope of the Dior brand. Whether you first experienced it by taking a spritz from your mother’s collection on her vanity or got surprised with a spray from a beauty-counter salesperson at the mall, the timeless fragrance is hard to resist. To shed light on Miss Dior and its muse, the fragrance will be the subject of an exhibition that will run November 13-25 at Paris’ Grand Palais called “Miss Dior – Esprit Dior.”

Christian Dior’s first fragrance debuted in 1947 as an “homage to [his] sister, Catherine Dior, [who was] deported during the Second World War and who has become a muse for the artists who worked on the codes of Miss Dior and the fragrance,” explained Herve Mikaeloff, the show’s curator. For the exhibition, fifteen female contemporary artists from around the world “were given carte blanche to create large-scale works inspired by Miss Dior,” according to Women’s Wear Daily. Each piece was created using different media, but the artists all shared a global vision in making the exhibition come to life. The artwork will be accompanied by a reference to whichever part of Miss Dior that inspired it, including everything from Dior’s creations to Natalie Portman’s role as the modern face of the fragrance. The exhibition doesn’t just commemorate Dior’s legacy – rather, it’s a meaningful blend of history, art and fashion that proves that the appreciation of one is incomplete without that of the other two.