See Your Skin Clearly With This Awesome Magnifying Mirror



Dermatologists recommend that you never pick your face and we all know it’s wrong and obviously you’re never supposed to do that. HOWEVER. Reality is; most of us have an insatiable need to look at our skin close up in order to examine our imperfections. Most of us will then inevitably touch our faces to prod, to squeeze, to tweeze. The most important thing is, try not to use your fingers and if you absolutely have to, make sure your hands are clean. And if you’re getting up close and personal with your skin, you most definitely need to see as clearly as possible so you can prod, squeeze and tweeze with accuracy.

For years, I messed around with inferior magnifying mirrors. The kind with lights that need replacing. The kind that don’t offer the brightness or magnification capability to truly show you what’s up with your epidermis. Those kinds of magnifying mirrors are OK at best, but I had no idea of what I was missing out on. Skincare aficionados, there’s a gamechanger on the market. You absolutely need to get into the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror. Let me tell you five reasons why.

  1. You don’t even need to turn it on! The sensor mirror lights up as you approach the mirror.
  2. The light intentionally simulates sunlight, so you can really see your face in perfect color.
  3. The light won’t burn out forever or at least for a long time, it’s a long-lasting LED light!
  4. You charge it up and unplug it, the charge lasts for up to 5 weeks. So you can move the mirror without dragging a cord.
  5. 5X magnification will allow you to see and easily tweeze even the tiniest of eyebrow hairs. Their other mirror sizes offer up to 10X magnification, which is like whoa.

I’m a big fan and a new convert to simplehuman’s sensor mirror! The one flaw? Now that I can see my face so clearly, it requires so much more will power not to touch my hands to my skin! At least now, I can perfectly see what I’m doing.

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