Selita Ebanks, Katrina Bowden and Ciara Talk About their First NYFW


As the fashion industry celebrates New York Fashion Week, we sought out a few models and muses to see what they could remember from their very first NYFW!

Q: Do you remember your first Fashion Week? What was it like? 

Oh, my god, it was like the most fun thing I had ever been to in my entire life, I didn't know what to do with myself. I got all dressed up, my friends did my hair and makeup. I look back at the photos and I was not really put together at all, but I thought I looked amazing. That was a long time ago, I feel like I've grown a lot since then.”

-Katrina Bowden 

“I was 17-years-old, I was a rookie model. I was just excited to just be in the presence of all of these amazing girls and was honored by the fact that people wanted me to walk in their show. It was definitely very overwhelming, but amazing.”

Selita Ebanks 

“My very first Fashion Week was chaotic, I was in New York. I didn't go to the one in Paris, I hadn't been to the one in Paris at that point. I remember being in New York and the energy was crazy and everything was moving so fast that I couldn't really digest it all the way. Now, when I go, it's whole different thing. But I remember it being very fun.”


“1999 was my very first Fashion Week. I was 14-years-old and I was completely mortified. It was my first year doing the shows. I was a little girl, just off the boat–pretty much! It was a lot of chaos but I became addicted to it after that because it's exciting. It's very hectic and you have a crazy schedule. It's a bit different now for me because I can micro-manage and I have a huge team helping me. But I'll never forget it. It was the best time of my life, actually.”

-Jessica White 

“My very first Fashion Week, I was still in high school in Texas. I was a senior and I remember not really understanding the whole concept of everything, not really knowing who was who but I knew the really big names. Marc Jacobs kind-of knew [about me] and for some reason I got immediate booking for them that I had to fly back for. It was during finals and my father and I were like I don't know who that is. My agent was like get her on the plane right now or I will fly down to pick her up myself and bring her back. So, I came back. I did Marc Jacobs. That opened a lot of shows for me so I continued the rest of the season doing all the best shows. It was such a world-wind. I'm so happy that I influenced in the right way to do it otherwise I would have stayed in school. I met the best people and did the best shows. The moment you walk out on the runway, it's such a surreal experience that you could never describe.”

Julia Henderson