Selita Ebanks, Nina Agdal, Katrina Bowden, Ciara, Jessica White & Julia Henderson Talk Girl Crushes

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Recently we had the chance to chat with some of the most stunning women in the world. We took advantage of the time with the lovely ladies for a bit of girl talk. First on the agenda? Girl crushes!

Q Do you have a girl crush? Who is it?

"I have so many girl crushes, it changes all the time. I love Catherine Zeta Jones, she's so beautiful, Lucy Liu, Jennifer Aniston and Zooey Deschanel; she's adorable."

-Katrina Bowden

"I think everyone has a girl crush on Rihanna. Who else? Charlize Theron, she's hot. Scarlett Johansson, I just love all those bombshells!"

-Selita Ebanks,

"I do, you know it's so funny, Nicki Minaj is my girl crush but I never tell her! I think she's so cute, she has like fire in her. She'd probably be like what is she talking about, but she's a really cool girl. We've done some really fun things together and we show so much love. I think she's the cutest thing."


"I think Mila Kunis is very attractive, she's just so funny and confident. I like Rihanna, I think she's stunning. I admire her for everything she does and she always looks so good."

-Nina Adgal

"My crush right now--it's changed--it was Rihanna but now it's Beyonce. Just like guys fall out of love, women do too. Right now, Bey is my boo! We've been working together. All I can say is I've heard the new album, I was in the studio with her and it's absolutely amazing. She is my girl crush."

-Jessica White

"My best girlfriend. She works for Vogue, her name is Valerie Boster. She can go from black tie to the Hamptons in a blink an eye without any effort used. She's like my style icon, she's every generous. She's says I can go into her closet and pick whatever I want. But it doesn't look the same way! In that casual, effortless and glamazon way. It's not fair. I have a girl crush on Rihanna as well. I mean, who doesn't?"

-Julia Henderson