Selita Ebanks Uses Her Beauty to Make a Difference

The more we get to know her, the more apparent it becomes that Selita Ebanks is one of the rare beings who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. The magnanimous model has been dazzling on the runway for quite some time ans has used her image to make a difference. This Sunday night Ebanks will appear in Marc Bouwer's first ever 3D fashion show. “I filmed it all in front of a green screen and had to imagine I was in this crazy world,” she said. “I haven't seen the end result, but I will get to view it everyone else; I'm definitely nervous!”

On Monday Ebanks will head to Sierra Leone to benefit her cause. “It's my second trip and this time I'm going with 60 Minutes to film my first documentary about child mortality,” Ebanks told us Friday night at QVC's fashion week kick-off party. “While I'm there I'll be scouting my first location for a birthing center and will also be starting a midwife education program; I try and use all that I have for good.”

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