Sephora Ensures Your Beauty Buys Get from Store to Door


Your next beauty haul at Sephora may be lighter than you’d expect!

Starting in September, cosmetic junkies can shop ‘til they drop without having to carry a bag home thanks to the retailer’s new service, Store to Door. Can’t find your shade or your favorite product on the shelves? Or maybe you just don’t want to heft your haul home? Not to worry – a Sephora associate can place the customer’s order via an iPod Touch and it will arrive at your doorstep in three days or less. The best part is that this is all free!

“For us, digital has always been a means to an end, which is creating a perfect shopping experience,” Julie Bornstein, chief marketing and digital officer at Sephora Americas, told Women’s Wear Daily. “It’s easy and it just leverages the e-commerce inventory, [Before] we had the ability to call and place an order for you, but this is an added service.”

But that’s not all the shop has in store, as it has updated and integrated new services with the opening of its new Lexington Avenue location in the Big Apple. The new space boasts all of Sephora’s signature IQ services, including Color, Skincare, and an upgraded Fragrance, which makes it easier to narrow down selections based on what they like. Anastasia will ensure every beauty buff’s brows are in check with a brow studio in the new storefront in September. “Nothing is exclusive to this store,” Bornstein explained. “But because [this location] is newer, it brings together a lot of the pieces that we have in other stores.” 

Sunday school will take on a new meaning for makeup mavens looking to sharpen their skills. Sephora will offer complimentary classes before the store opens, including Perfectly Paired Lips & Cheeks, Contouring & Highlighting, Colorful Eye Makeup, and much more. If your go-to location hasn’t scheduled classes, keep an eye out, as more stores will have them available by next year. We’re already looking for the sign-up sheet!