Sephora Produces Pods to Polish & Go


When it comes to polish we tend to be all over the place, we love one shade one minute and then we’re already onto to the next with a basket of bottles to prove it. Now Sephora is catching up to our shade switch speed.

The beauty retailer will roll out a set of 24 one-time-use nail polish Press Pods, a play on classic holiday value eye shadow palettes that will hit shelves in late April. The team created a specialized brush that allows the color to flow easily without drying out. All it takes is a pop of the top, a roll of the brush between the fingers before brushing on the color. And don’t worry; all of the Formula X shades will undergo the pod process.

Vice president and general manager for Formula X for Sephora’s Kendo brand incubator Kristin Walcott boasted the values of the pods have enough polish to take care of all 10 tips, but they’re also great options when you’re in the midst of a sweet escape thanks to their size. “We know our guests love to experiment with new nail shades, and this allows them to preview our 24 bestselling Formula X shades before committing to a full-sized bottle,” Walcott told Women’s Wear Daily.

We think our nail polish basket just heaved a sigh of relief.