Set the Mood: Decorating Your Home for Valentine’s Day

Want to create a romantic atmosphere at home this Valentine's Day? Set the mood by using some simple supplies and sentimental touches. Thoughtful notes, flowers and candles can create a day to remember for all of your Valentines.

Know your purpose… Decide whom you are decorating for as this will determine the “mood” you need to create. Children will like cutout hearts and candies, while a spouse will appreciate a fancy meal and elaborate desserts.

Decide the budget and timeframe… If you only have an hour to decorate, then don't plan for much or prepare ahead of time. There are many things on the market today, but don't think you have to spend a lot to make it special. Keep in mind that Valentine's Day is celebrated to show special people how much you care, not how much money you have.

Accomplish something special by sending greetings, making dinner or even washing someone's car. Decorating the house can include a framed picture, bath products set up nicely in a bathroom, or an elaborately-made table serving a variety of desserts. For family, you might use cardboard cutouts of hearts and Cupid. You may also include a Valentine box for each member of the family to deposit Valentines cards. These can be made from old shoeboxes and decorated with fabric, paper and stickers.

Get supplies early… Shop around for exactly what you need. Crafts stores, thrift shops, and hardware stores are a few good places to start. A yard of fabric and some candles can go a long way. Create fancy wine glasses from thrift store finds and a little ribbon. Use your imagination.

*Tips Courtesy of eHow Home