Set Your DVR: The ‘Girls’ Are Back


Miss Lena Dunham on your TV screen? Don’t fret. January 11 will come sooner than you think.

HBO announced the return date for season four of Girls, which Dunham says will be marked by her gang making “smarter choices.” On one hand, this could mean less “It’s Wednesday night baby, and I’m alive,” and more Iowa. Or, it could just signal a new slew of woes on the way.

“This season of Girls is the girls making smarter choices and realizing that life is still hard,” Dunham said, before referencing her character’s relationship with Adam and whether it can withstand their time apart. As for the rest of the clique, Marnie is singing her heart out and catching all types of feels in an affair with bandmate Desi, Jessa is still acting like she has the world figured out when she doesn’t (at all), and Shoshanna’s parents make their first on-screen appearance. In the words of Zosia Mamet, “they hate each other.”

Now, all we need is more news on Taylor Swift’s reported cameo.