Seth Meyers has Never Worn a Wrap Dress


Seth Meyers knows how to make people laugh and his influence transcends the television audience. On Sunday afternoon, the Saturday Night Live head writer brought his sense of humor to Diane von Furstenberg'sfront row. Glam checked in with Meyers, who was seated next to girlfriend Alexi Ashe and just two chairs down from Vogue'sAnna Wintour, to hear his comedic take on New York Fashion Week.

So you've got a front row seat, what will you be taking note of while you watch the show?
I'll be so impressed if the models can stay upright and manage to pull the whole thing off without a glitch. But this whole thing really isn't about me.

What would you say about the show on Weekend Update?
I think that due to my respect and love for DVF I probably won't say anything.

Ok fine…but have you ever worn a wrap dress?
I haven't ever worn a wrap dress. I've worn dresses a few times in sketches, but have never worn something as classy as the wrap dress. I have worn a Comme des Gar├žons┬ádress though.