Seventeen Magazine and Neutrogena Celebrate Some ‘Pretty Amazing’ Girls

Last week we headed uptown to the Hearst Tower to applaud the amazing accomplishments of the five finalists in Seventeen’s “Pretty Amazing” Contest. Each young lady has battled obstacles in order to blaze their own trail with many doing so to help their community. A judge’s panel, including the publication’s Editor-in-Chief Ann Shoket, Just Jared’sJared Eng, and Emma Roberts will make the final decision on who will land the coveted cover. They found it hard to choose but were instantly inspired by the five girls.
“I think what’s so great about this contest is that it celebrates the person that you are,” Roberts said. “It’s not like it’s for the best dressed or best hair – I think it’s refreshing. Instead it’s about who they are as a person.”

The winner will not only make the cover of the teen magazine but receive a $20,000 scholarship, double the amount of last year's prize, from Neutrogena’sWave for Change, which is dedicated to helping youth reach their full potential through education. With this year’s finalists' accomplishments, such as breaking records, founding charities, and starting social movements, there is sure to be fierce competition.

“What set them apart was their heartfelt story,” Shoket explained. “Each of them has a real reason that she’s here today – a reason that drove her to achieve. It’s not just girls who are padding their résumés so that they can get into a great college or that they can win scholarships. These are girls who had a real deep reason to achieve.”
There’s still time to help the judges with their decision by voting for who you think should win. Visit to cast your vote!