Shailene Woodley Snips Her Strands for a Good Cause


When Shailene Woodley took on the role of cancer patient Hazel Grace Lancaster for the upcoming film The Fault In Our Stars, she knew she would have to cut her lengthy locks. But she used the opportunity to talk beauty and shed light on a worthy cause.

The Descendants darling took to her Tumblr to announce her intentions and explained why cutting off her hair was so important for her. She noted that her long tresses were not only a way to avoid salons, but also showed a symbol of strength and appreciation for natural beauty. “Allowing my genetics to take control and produce long, luscious locks was my way of paying homage to my kindred spirit,” she wrote. “I felt powerful, in control, strong. I felt connected to my womanhood, connected to my ancestors.”

She used Regina Spektor’s song “Ghost of Corporate Future” to spur her on to snip her strands, donate them to Children with Hair Loss, a non-profit that creates wigs for children in need, and create a hashtag for others to join in and show their support. “Upon hearing these words, I was immediately inspired to cut my own hair off with abandon. Shed old layers and practice the art of playfulness. Out of nowhere, I did a complete 360. I went from sacralizing the length of my hair, to appreciating the spontaneity of chopping it off, and also recognizing the beauty of freedom.”

From the scissors to the “hair nubbins” to her final look, Woodley took to Twitter on Friday to share the process with her thousands of followers, always noting that the hair will grow back. We admire Woodley’s initiative to help others change perspective and give a bit of their beauty to others. After all, sharing is caring!