Shakira Wants You to Show Off Your Best Smile


A smile is made of magic – it has the power to not only brighten another person’s day; it’s also contagious!

Since a grin is packed with so much power, Shakira and Crest 3D want you to spread the love by sharing your sweetest smile story. All you have to do is upload the snap via Facebook, Twitter, Vine, or Instgram with the hashtag #3DWhiteSmile along with the story of how that smile was special to you to be featured in the brand’s global Smile Gallery, which will launch on November 22nd.

Even the former Voice judge believes that every bright beam is not only a gift, but the best way to remember someone. “I think that a smile says a lot about a person, “ she explained. “It says how generous that person is, because, after all, smiling is about giving. There are always people that you always remember because of the way they smile, the way they give everything they’re made of.”

Throw on a Crest 3D White Strip and snap a selfie before the deadline!