Shoe Shopping With Sarah Jessica Parker


Every now and then we find ourselves in the midst of a “pinch me” moment; such was the case on Wednesday morning when Carrie Bradshaw helped us pick out a new pair of shoes. Sarah Jessica Parker, a woman synonymous with stilettos and enviable accessorizes, launched her new SJP footwear collection. The delightful and personable designer was on hand at the Nordstrom pop up shop in Soho devoted to her collection to help a gaggle of overly excited bloggers and editors find their sole-mates.


We ended up choosing a pair of suede mint sandals, which came adorned with SJP’s signature grosgrain ribbon detail. Ever the gracious designer, she even signed the bottoms, but not before we got the scoop on how the line evolved.

Glam: I’m sure this is a long story, but how did you go from being a girl who loves shoes to having your own collection?

SJP: The opportunity kept presenting itself and I kept saying no. Ultimately I realized the reason I was saying no was that I was harboring this dream to have a partner not just like George [George D. Malkemus III], but George himself, and one day I was simply bold enough to ask and he said, “Meet me at my office tomorrow morning at 9.” I went in the morning and it was this wonderful collision to discover that he arrived in New York around the same time I did, if not the same month – that we both had these images in our heads of 1977-78-79, 57th Street, 59th Street, lower Madison, Charles Jourdan, Bennis/Edwards, Bonwit Teller, Bendel’s, and that single sole…that beautiful single sole. And the metallics that were used in those flat purples, the flat greens; we didn’t used to think so seriously about “black is the new neutral,” and “tobacco’s the neutral.” Then there was the opportunity to partner with Nordstrom. So that’s been the experience and here we find ourselves today, which is just a thrill.

Glam: Do you remember the first pair of shoes you ever bought yourself?

SJP: The first quality shoe was in 1985. George and Manolo came and did a trunk show in Los Angeles. I had about $400 to my name and he came on a rainy day with Manolo…about six of us showed up at a shop in Sunset Plaza. I bought six pairs with an American Express green card that I still have today–the one I use every day. And I don’t know how I managed to pay it off. I can tell you every shoe that I bought—I bought six pairs: three of them were grosgrain, one was leather, and two were suede and eventually they were all stolen. My luggage was stolen and they’re all gone. And sadly, one was this beautiful chestnut suede flat, I lifted the sock liner one day, it was moving, and I lifted it up and Manolo had signed the shoe. Gone.

Glam: Good memory, though.

SJP: Great memory.

Glam: Did he give you any advice?

SJP: I’m working with George and Nordstrom, I’ve got the best advice I could get. I wouldn’t bother Manolo. He’s given me enough.